Leggatt as an independent character in the secret sharer by joseph conrad

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The Captain feels an unexplainable affinity to Leggatt, often referring to him as "my double" or "second self. The captain sneaks in food for Leggatt, and visits him at every opportunity. Despite the captain's fears, it is clear that no one else on the ship has any suspicion of the secret even to the end.

Leggatt and the captain's bond becomes stronger once they learn that they share a common training background. Inthe chief mate of the Cutty Sark, Sydney Smith Batchelor names John Andersonkilled a disobedient and lazy crew member, John Francis, by hitting him on the head with a capstan bar, after Francis refused to carry out some particular order of Smith's Karl Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer.

The captain is still isolated from the crew. At first glance it would seem that Leggatt is either the antagonist or provides a criminal influence on the captain.

Specific circumstances tie the world to the ship, but time plays no role in it. He stood there with me on the deck of the poop after the main topsail blew away, and whimpered about our last hope--[it] was enough to drive any fellow out of his mind.

This tremendous repetition is even more amazing when it is considered that, beyond their superficial similarities-they are both Conway boys, wearing the same pajamas-the two men are not very much alike at all.

Although Leggatt unintentionally murdered the man, the Skipper stripped Leggatt of his title. The Captain eventually falls asleep himself; the next morning, the steward enters the Captain's cabin to bring him his morning coffee.

Murdering mutinous crew members is hardly an acceptable practice, and avoiding justice, and one's punishment-all of which Leggatt do-only worsen the issue. Curiously, the captain initially sees the body as a headless corpse, which seems to hint at something much more foreboding.

In reality, Leggatt is doing the opposite; he is lowering himself into the water to escape from the law, for it is unlikely that he would get off scot-free in court.

I just took it in my own hands The rest of the crew sleeps soundly. In the midst of this chaos, Leggatt managed to set the reefed foresail, which saved the ship and its crew. The self-possession of that man had somehow induced a corresponding state in myself" Conrad Finally, Conrad begins employing color symbolism here: Although he feels "painfully" that he is "doing something unusual" in taking on the watch himself, he does so to learn more about the ship and what he calls "the novel responsibility of command.

There are similarities between the two stories, with the Captain and Leggatt becoming Razumov and Haldin, respectively. The scorpion drowns in an inkwell, rendering it black when discovered by the Chief Mate, while Leggatt's hair is black, thus strengthening the connection between these two outcasts.

All of the dialectics are resolved in a good way. Also, he spent many days locked up in isolation on his former ship, and two nights after that swimming in isolation.

The dark characterization of Leggatt comes from the captain's perspective and portrayal of Leggatt. GuerardRobert W.

Joseph Conrad’s Secret Sharer: Analysis & Theme

Leggatt's ship, the Sephora, was in such violent waters as Captain Archbold had not seen in his seventy-three years of sailing. After Archbold disembarks, the captain returns to his quarters and asks Leggatt if he had heard that conversation.

When they first meet, the captain says to the reader, "[Leggatt's] voice was calm and resolute. The novella may be only fifty pages long but its words speak volumes. Secret Sharer study guide contains a biography of Joseph Conrad, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

About Secret Sharer Secret Sharer Summary. The Character of Leggatt in The Secret Sharer This essay examines Leggatt as an independent person, rather than as a symbol connected to the captain-narrator, a view shared by many critics.

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Conrad begins stressing the idea that Leggatt is — in certain important ways — the Captain's double. His use of what is commonly called the doppelganger theme serves to highlight the qualities that the Captain lacks by showing them embodied in his double.

Joseph Conrad’s Secret Sharer: Analysis The Secret Sharer written by Joseph Conrad, centers around a character of a sea captain. Its title and opening paragraphs forecast a story of mystery, isolation, duality, darkness and silence.

Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Sharer is a story about a man facing himself in a way he hadn’t yet experienced.

The story is told as a narrative from the point of view of the captain. Leggatt as an Independent Character in Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Sharer" This essay examines Leggatt as an independent person, rather than as a symbol connected to the captain-narrator, a view shared by many critics.

The Secret Sharer

Leggatt is not a negative influence on the captain per se.

Leggatt as an independent character in the secret sharer by joseph conrad
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