The secret of apple stores retail

Do you make people feel welcome at your stores. Apple did not invent the smart phone; Apple reinvented it and made it better. The Wall Street Journal took a close look at Apple's retail operations and identified the secret sauce that has led to the company's retail success.

LCD screens behind the Bar play looped videos which offer tips to customers waiting for help.

Apple Opens Gorgeous New Retail Store in Tokyo, Japan

The idea is to have few, simple steps, which are easy to remember and can be adapted to most customer interactions, to ensure that all customers are treated with the attention they deserve.

And consumers seem to appreciate this considering the huge number of iDevices that are sold each year. At the bottom of the stairs, we entered the theater itself—from the very top, at the back of the theater. I sat in the upper sections, where there were armrests between seats.

The beginning and end of a business relationship are the most important parts, because they are what people will remember. Unfortunately, no training program or sloganeering could possibly work as well at other chains for a very simple reason, that being where the Apple Store employee comes from.

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Some examples, all now defunct, include: Anticipating the unexpected, shoppers look forward to mall trips and even confirmed couch potatoes may be tempted. The Apple II Turns 35 3.

Walmart's secret sauce: How the largest survives and thrives

As the competition from online stores increases, brick-and-mortar locations must use their special weapon — amazing customer service — to attract and retain customers.

Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome Probe politely to understand all the customer's needs Present a solution for the customer to take home today Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

Getty Images The epitome of retail space design has to be an Apple store. Non-warranty service which is paid for by the customer when repairs are complete is also routinely performed. Over the years, Apple has experimented with ways of offering service and support to complement the Genius Bar.

Store layout[ edit ] The layout of a Genius Bar previously consisted of at least two 15" MacBook Pro computers, often mounted on "floating" stands. Open Lab to date is only offered at the West 14th Street location. Keep things simple I was in Paris in the past two weeks and had talks with various French telecommunications officials about many mobile-computing issues.

When customers have concerns, the prescribed response in the manual is the "Three Fs: Genius Bar amenities may well be an important piece of the revenue picture. Harder to sweep under the rug was another Gizmodo piece detailing the "most corrupt Apple Store.

We tapped Apple's store designer to find out. How could you not.

New Apple Stores?

From there, we went up a gently winding path that took us to the top of the hill that houses the Steve Jobs Theater. I wonder what the vibe in the cafe will be. Offer great customer service and in-store experiences Jobs understood one of the major conundrums of technology: Besides having geniuses in design, software and retail, Apple also has the cash to invent components, manufacturing processes and things like that, which almost makes it impossible for the competition to make any real headway against Apple.

Apple retail strategy rolls on with US remodels, India plans

And Apple creates tools for power users and rookies, which can mean a broad range of ease-of-use issues. Share Save Apple's retail stores have grown into a multi-million dollar business due to its strict employee guidelines and thoughtful attention to minute details, like the music used on demo machines.

Genius Bar

The pay-by-face feature offers a secure, fast, and convenient way to make purchases and will completely change the way we do business.

Within a few short years, retailers that have proven unable or unwilling to create a sense of community will watch helplessly as their customers leave for greener pastures. Meanwhile, SmartGift helps retailers reduce returns of gift merchandise shipped to consumers by transforming the gift-giving marketplace through a conversational, P2P technology.

Yes, there are tech-savvy people who like more choices and sometimes even like complexity, but from years of experience as a market researcher, I can tell you that in the end, the majority of users are not tech-savvy, and keeping things simple for them is a plus.

Aug 30,  · After spending one year of research into every aspect of the Apple Retail Store for my book, The Apple Experience, there’s very little new information that surprises me. However, sometimes. There's a secret to this, as Tim Kobe, CEO and founder of design firm Eight Inc., which has been the designer of Apple's stores for the last 18 years, explained in a conversation with me.

At the time, Apple’s strategy of opening expensive, airy retail stores to display just a handful of products seemed incredibly profligate for a growing brand with no retail experience.

As such, Apple truly needs no introduction, as it designs some of the most popular consumer electronics, software and personal computers in the world. Along with its Macintosh line of computers, the company is also well known for creating the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Sep 07,  · No, Apple Genius Training Student Workbook download available yet. See below for some of the leaked photos and contents of it.

Gizmodo only showed some snippets of the leaked Apple Genius training student workbook, which includes a gamut of Apple Dos and Don’t, specific words that you are not allowed to use, and some lessons on how to.

Home» Blog» The Apple Store’s secret of success (and what retailers can learn from it) The Apple Store’s secret of success (and what retailers can learn from it) LS Retail. January 28, Apple re-imagined the way stores work – creating an innovative retail .

The secret of apple stores retail
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